Why Choose Us

Albury Galvanizing

Albury Galvanizing has been providing professional Hot Dip Galvanizing services for customers since 1995. The business is part of the J Furphy & Sons group which operates galvanizing plants in Albury, Geelong and Shepparton as well as a major engineering and vessels fabrication business also in Shepparton.

Albury Galvanizing is located in Jindera, NSW and the galvanizing plant was purpose-built from a Greenfield site specifically to provide Hot Dip Galvanizing for North East Victoria and Southern to Central Western NSW. Our galvanizing bath is 9.5m long, 1.5m wide and 2.6m deep. As a galvanizer, we aim to provide our clients with all galvanizing related services and information including, quality, design, venting, dipping chart and delivery details.

When it comes to corrosion protection and coating steel, zinc and zinc-iron alloy in the form of HDG, galvanizing will provide a reliable surface protection system that is robust and durable. When selected as a ‘fit for purpose’ coating, there are few materials that can provide greater durability.

Our Team

Brent Hallows - General Manager
Dean Heather - Sales & Marketing Manager
Jeremy Keenan - Production Manager
Brendan Larkin - Management Accountant
Mel Leathem - Planning & Logistics Manager
Pam Henderson - Business Systems & HR Administrator
Ben Beattie - Reliability & Process Improvement Manager